day 9

Nov. 2nd, 2016 10:58 am
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we didn't talk a whole lot, but I just wanted to, I dunno send a message your way kiddo. like this is super awkward and I have no idea how to even get into this and probably can't considering judy reads our shit and redacts what she doesn't like but just kind of felt like I needed to do this.

I remembered some stuff and [ CONTENT REDACTED ].

so... don't even know where to start. basically.

but that whole thing with Rhys? I'm sorry you got caught up in it. he says it wasn't his idea and I mean probably but you still got dragged into his crazy bullshit. like hardcore. jesus. I'm sorry he exists in general right about now for sure

Just take care of yourself, alright? I can't exactly do much of anything but I just wanted to send that I guess.

day 9

Nov. 2nd, 2016 10:45 am
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so just to be clear here, before the bbs thing started, we only were getting one letter a day. I was definitely between using it for you and sending hate mail. I think you can guess which one I ended up picking there.

but hey now I can send as many as I want woohoo

But, no, I do want to be serious here, Elizabeth. Like, actual proper capitalization and grammar and stuff, so you know it's serious? Actually, maybe not, since just from talking to you, you might not be up on the texting social cues. Whatever. I'm totally rambling because 1) that's what I do 2) not sure how to express this super well, so.

I'm sorry, Elizabeth. I should've listened to you.

day 9

Nov. 2nd, 2016 10:37 am
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unfortunately have to admit that the staff actually did something kind of useful since I can send more than one message a day now. kinda been using the two I had so far to send hate mail (no regrets)

first of all now that I know for sure that it was that crazy asshole, sorry about rhys. he probably stabbed you because we're friends or something equally as insane. I have no idea and I don't give a shit about his logic there. but still sorry since that was at least my fault for not taking him seriously

you staying hydrated? eating your wheaties? nah I'm just kidding I don't think you'll even get that reference so how are you doing
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[ After putting out the fire, Jack had left his apartment pretty quickly to go track down Rhys, though he had gotten somewhat distracted. In fairness, his alarm had decreased somewhat when he had seen other peoples' wounds and seen that they weren't severe enough to be deadly. It gave him enough comfort to pause and check on the people he liked, though all of those visits were at least brief.

After those brief visits, he's back to hunting for Rhys, which probably doesn't take long. Thankfully, the Complex isn't that big. When he sees Rhys, Jack nearly skids to a stop. He runs up to meet him and immediately grips Rhys's shoulders. ]

Holy shit— Rhys, why the hell did you leave? There- Was that a friggin' explosion? What the fuck are your people doing?

[ :) ]
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[ Jack is actually en route to go find Rhys and break the news to him, but as he heads towards the tech lab, his attention is briefly caught by seeing Sakyou. He pauses, and though he considers continuing on without stopping, there is a part of him that remembers in that moment that this is dangerous. Jack isn't painting a target on his back quite like the other two, but... It's still there. For the most part, he's content with that, but when he sees Sakyou, he's at least reminded that he likes the kid. Sympathsizes, even.

When he's reminded of that, his hesitation dissipates pretty quickly.

Jack starts to approach, and he raises a hand lightly in greeting. ]

Heyyy, Sakyou, what up. Got a sec? Something I wanna chat about real quick.
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[ Not too long before curfew, Jack will be tracking down Rhys. It definitely looks like he has something in mind, and he actually approaches and immediately sets a friendly hand on Rhys's shoulder. It seems like he's definitely getting more comfortable with being friendly with Rhys, even if it's just bit by bit. ]

Hey, Rhys. I've, uh—

[ He glances back over his shoulder as if he's worried about someone overhearing, but looks back to Rhys with a smile. ]

So, I've got some good news and some bad news. Well. First one is more like a suggestion than actually news, but, eh, whatever, semantics. Point is, which do you wanna hear first? Because, I mean, good with the bad and all that crap.
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[ Jack is working away diligently in the tech lab on day seven, since it's more or less where he's taken up residence. He's busily working during the non-trial days, and at this point, he's got something almost finished. When Elizabeth stops by, she'll see a mostly completed and surprisingly sophisticated pipe pistol, because of course that's what Jack's been working on. Whether she's just stopping by or actually looking for Jack, he'll look up from his work and give her a friendly wave. ]

Oh, hey, Liz. What up.

[ He twirls the pistol in his hand idly, since he's rather pleased with himself, but then sets it down as he stands. ]

Hope you don't mind but this became my, uh, priority a little bit over what I promised you. But! Today? Totally getting started. You got any requests I should start on first?
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[ It's not hard for Jack to guess where Rhys ran away to. Granted, there weren't exactly many places to look, but he thinks he knows the guy well enough to make a beeline for the tech lab. After all, it's where he himself would go. There's comfort in the technology, in work, and so that solitude is much preferable to having to be around people. He's pretty sure he gets that.

However, Rhys isn't so lucky as to be alone. ]

Hey, asshole!

[ Wow, that sure is familiar, and it's just as full of emotion as hen Rhys had said it. Jack closes the door behind him, and when he walks over to Rhys, it's clear from every tense muscle in his body that he's upset and angry. ]

Yeah, figured you'd friggin' be here. Because you know what? I'm two for two now. [ That's a bit ominous, but Jack stops in front of Rhys and crosses his arms tightly as if he's trying to stop himself from doing something. ] We. Need. To. Talk.

day 3

Oct. 10th, 2016 08:51 am
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[ So after people clean up the mess that SOMEONE made, Jack is of course going to spend 99% of his time in the tech lab. It essentially brings with it a sentiment of "home sweet home," even though everything is so outrageously outdated. Still, that never stopped Jack before, and instead, he's a bit excited to get to toy with some unusual tech. It's different problems to solve, and that's always something he enjoys. It's the engineer in him.

By the afternoon, Jack is already well into starting a project, though he's just doing engineering drawings and figuring on some graph paper. This also means more Fun Jack Facts that Rhys probably didn't know, since the drawing itself is more precise than artistic, but it's still good. As for what it is... Well. Jack's Hyperion, so of course it's a gun. What else would it be? It's a crude pipe gun, since that's what seems to be avaliable in the workshop, but it's still something he's apparently planning on putting the kind of attention to detail that he would give to something more sophisticated.

However, this is all just background, since when Rhys comes into the workshop, Jack looks up from his work. It's only a glance at first, but seeing that it's Rhys, he sits up at the table he's taken over. ]

Oh, hey- Hey, wanted to talk to you, actually.

[ He'd meant to do it earlier in the day, but he had forgotten, honestly... Look, this room is exciting okay rhys understands ]

Got a minute?
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[ As promised, Jack is up bright and early (or at least as early as everyone else is) in the morning of day 3. The trial and subsequent execution were still weighing on his mind, but... Probably not as much as it should. It wasn't too difficult for him to morally parse, because even if she'd been innocent, Diva sounded like a pretty awful person. So, really? He didn't care all that much.

Far more important was the interesting little store he'd heard the beginnings of from Shijima. Throwing out pancakes was the most half-assed bribe possible, he would bet, but it still worked. So, good enough.

He's stirring up the basic batter, but he looks back towards Shijima with a grin. He actually seems to be enjoying cooking for her, even if he has a secondary motivation for doing so. ]

So! What're ya feelin', kiddo? Plain pancakes, or more extravagant? I bet I could see what we'd get from the commissary for requesting, y'know, not shit from a can.
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[ Ever since Jack had seen the profile cards, there had been an immediate and heavy sense of guilt to settle in his gut, because... Good lord, a lot of these really hot people were so young? It wasn't an isolated case, which made him feel worse, but none so much as Elizabeth, who, uh.

Well. He didn't want to think too much about just much he'd been charmed by her. Like, it was the embarrassing "meeting Mox for the first time" level, and that was something he'd never wanted to relive. And yet, here he was, trying to mack on a twenty year old. Dammit.

It's something he's actually pretty embarrassed about, and it's why he hadn't approached her earlier. He knew he really should have, but he at least gave himself the excuse that things had gotten a little crazy what with people turning up dead and all. Still, it's not something he wants to let sit too long, lest she think he's... God, a creepy old perv? He doesn't know. He hates this.

Regardless, after the execution (and probably body cleanup, yikes) as everyone disperses, Jack approaches Elizabeth. He waves idly to catch her eye, though once he's done so, he'll step closer to speak to her. ]

Hey, Liz- [ :) ] Y'mind if we chat real quick? I've got something I want to tell you.
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[ So after an interesting run-in with Rhys, Jack is heading back to... His room, he guesses. He honestly isn't 100% set on just where he's going, because so long as it was from away from that batshit crazy asshole? Way better.

After all, the sign of that is quite physical at the moment. He has a towel pressed up to his face gingerly, and it's stained with some blood, though the blood flow has largely slowed from his broken nose. And, you know, he's also not wearing a shirt, because he was going to shower, but then someone went yandere. Rude.

He decides that he'll at least wait until it stops bleeding before heading back to the room and potentially having to deal with some weird questions, so he's more or less hanging out in the atrium, bleeding and shirtless. This is definitely not the kind of impression that Jack likes to go for, and yet he's never so lucky.

When Sakyou appears, Jack stands up a bit straighter, almost defensively, but it's brief. Instead, he just raises a hand and tries to be as casual as possible. ]

Oh- Hey, Sakyou. 'Sup.

[ This, of course, is muffled through a towel and through blood. He's the coolest. ]
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[ So. That sure was a night, but much to Jack's surprise, he had actually slept surprisingly well. He'd expected to be up all night with a combination of all the questions running through his mind and a still quite tender injury, but that hadn't been the case. Since he'd gone to bed (or at least started to drift off) rather well before the effects of the curfew started, Jack was oblivious to what had actually occurred the previous night.

He hadn't actually specified a time to talk to that crazy asshole, and in truth, Jack hadn't quite meant "first thing in the morning" when he'd said so. But of course, Jack isn't that lucky. Considering curfew had passed quietly and not everyone was up yet, he's kind of hoping he can quickly make something and then finally go shower, because he's still looking more or less like he just woke up. And, you know, got punched in the face. He's not quite dressed for the day yet, still wearing sweats and a Hyperion Yellow t-shirt, but probably more notably than that would be the black rim glasses that are sitting on his bruised nose.

Jack is busy in the kitchen, having ordered some instant coffee from the commissary, and he's in the process of preparing that. Still, while the water boils, he's digging around in the cabinets again, since he's looking for something he can turn into a slightly less sad breakfast. Whether Rhys comes to the kitchen to try and do the same or just hears Jack, either way, he's still a talker. ]

Ahhhhh godddd this is so friggin' sad. I feel poor again. There's- C'mooon Judy just give me some eggs or something, I can just eat scrambled eggs...

[ He's definitely just quietly bitching to himself as he's digging around in the cabinets, don't mind him. ]